About the Book

Rosalía de Castro is a parable about the similarities and differences in the lives of four people. Born in four different countries they end up crossing the quest that each makes in the pursuit of happiness.

Over the years we will follow the life of three women.

Àgnes Szement born in Budapest, has an ambition that may have no limits on the size of our world.

Monika Lavova, lived most of her life in Prague, was born in the former Czechoslovakia a country that no longer exists, as the certainties she grew up.

Maria Cortez, a mysterious Galician as many of her countrywomen, dreams of a different life in Paris.

At the tip of each story, one man, Jose Costa Terra.

Let yourself be guided by spaces, sounds and challenges of a road that narrows down to a long night in the Venice of the North.

Rosalía de Castro, a bridge in time.

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