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– 0 – Wall of Love

He was exhausted.

He was out of signs.

Kilometers ago he’d finished putting them up everywhere he believed they would help tell his story.

And even after all this, his phone hadn’t rung. Not once.

He now looked up into black clouds and saw a tiny opening, a “time gate”, that connected him to the infinite. A connection that made him believe it was still possible.

He was exhausted.

He sat down on one of the benches that lined the Place des Abbesses. Many people — some younger, others the same age and some quite older — passed by. But all unaware. Or were they simply indifferent to the weight cast down on his thoughts.


– I’m crazy, aren’t I?

– But You also are!

– But You are also!


He laughed powerfully, finding energy he no longer had.

Just ahead of him, some passers-by, leaning against a big blue-tiled wall splashed with white words and red dots, were taking pictures.


– I don’t mean to offend You, but what were You thinking when You decided to create us?

– Did You hold out any hope that we might be better than this?


He was exhausted.

The tiredness of an immense day overflowed from his legs and his feet onto the pavement. The stone net that kept the acrobat safe. While the night air confirmed his existence with every breath.

Songs, once playing on the street, still echoed in his ears. Or was it some other song that he heard, continuously, inside his head.

“Je viens du ciel et les étoiles entre elles

Ne parlent que de toi

D’un musicien qui fait jouer ses mains

Sur un morceau de bois

De leur amour plus beau que le ciel autour

Dans la pénombre de ta rue

Petite Marie, m’entends-tu ?

Je n’attends plus que toi pour partir “


It wasn’t Presteej but Francis Cabrel*. Yes, that classic dedicated to his wife.

And what of his Petite Marie?

He had managed to get here because he had kept himself alive.

– If am alive, then it is necessary to live.


* Francis Cabrel (born 23 November 1953 in Astaffort, France) is a French singer-songwriter and guitarist. He has released a number of albums falling mostly within the realm of folk, with occasional forays into blues or country. Several of his songs, such as "L'encre de tes yeux" and "Petite Marie" have become enduring favorites in French music.

He was born into a modest family, his father was employed as a blue-collar worker and his mother was a cashier. He has a sister, Martine, and a brother, Philippe.

A shy teenager, Bob Dylan's "Like a Rolling Stone" inspired him to pick up a guitar and start writing his own songs. At 16, enthralled by music, he started to sing the songs of Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Dylan. He also learned English by translating the lyrics. He would later say that his guitar enabled him to appear more interesting to others.

Expelled from secondary school in Agen for lack of discipline, he went to work in a shoe shop while playing gigs with a group named "Ray Frank and Jazzmen," which later became known as "les Gaulois" because every member of the band had a moustache. At that time, Cabrel's appearance was that of a hippie, with long hair and a moustache.